you won’t believe

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new beginning

when i get tired, i need a jumpstart.

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back from hiatus

hello hello!  been a busy bee.  will start updating regularly.  i promised myself.  plus..fall energizes me 🙂

autumns_childvia AV Photography

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End of summer…

A(nna) here.

Since summer is ending.  I thought I would do an ode to a summer.

Oh summer.  How I love thee hotness in the City of NY.

At least there’s ice cream everywhere!  🙂


and these are the people who would enjoy it….


beautiful photo by mandy lynne

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i got…diamonds on my neck

Not really…

A(nna) here!

I really don’t like jewelry on my neck but I’m liking the embroidered necklaces…now…how can I make one on my own?


right . anthropologie left . aloutte @ etsy

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Penguin Clothbound Classics

New covers for some old classics.

Check it out.

Couture classics series @ Penguin, $16 or Amazon,$11
The clothbound series will be available soon @ Anthropologie and UO.
The embossed hardcover series, also designed by Bickford-Smith, can be pre-ordered @ Amazon, $14.

For more information, visit: design sponge


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A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
— John Bowring

Sunday Supper
Sunday Supper

A gorgeous supper I attended (via sunday supper) with a group of strangers yet food bringing them all together 🙂

A(nna) here.

Hi all sorry for the slowness 😦   It’s been crazy at work and crazy at home with my granny getting older.   It’s interesting, yet difficult to see reality change into what is just a memory.  (This is not really party related but kind of).  Parties were really important in our family but since we were all strapped for cash, the main feature was FOOD.  My grandma would wake up at the crack of dawn and walk down the creaking staircase in her Newark townhome to get the food ready.  By the time I got there, there would be relatives from all over NJ (yes big trek) inside the house.  Our family was quite loud, being from Vietnam, so it was always fun walking right through the doors when everyone was there.  Along with sound was the whiff of food.  I say the general word of just “food” mainly because it was not just any particular cuisine.   Nuoc mam (fish sauce), spring rolls, egg rolls made by my Aunt, fried chicken from Chicken Holiday, pizza with cheese no toppings for the picky eater (me), Chả lụa, seasoned boiled chicken, Brazilian grilled beef and pork, fried rice, mash potatoes (me again)….. yum.   My family from the getgo was pretty modern being that we were extremely multi-cultural.  Having people from all over the place meant food from all over the place. Viewing the table, it was strewn with mismatch foil pans and bowls from everyone’s houses with chopsticks along with forks jammed into each.  Sitting at the kids table, I was extremely happy with the mismatch, loud, foodporn ridden house.  These days, I sometimes feel forced to have things match and be expensive but one should never forget, in the stress of all things..what’s really important for those special days?!? right?!?

Out standing in a field

Out Standing in the Field

This pic (via Out Standing in the Field) made me laugh because everyone looks kind of cold but having fun…but hey families suffer at get togethers

More pics to come….

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